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“Anything that I want to accomplish is possible”

Bonnie Jenkins, Class of 1990 
Nonprofit Founder and US Dept. of State Ambassador

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“A Better Chance really prepared me for what was coming.”

Jae Bailon
Ccholar at the Thacher School

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“Thanks to A Better Chance, I have been able to imagine a whole new world”

Deval Patrick
Governor of Massachusetts

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Tortor Malesua
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Theo Killion
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All we needed was a better chance

A Scholar’s Journey


Desegregation Begins

In Little Rock, Arkansas, under the protection of the National Guard, nine courageous youths are the first black students to attend a segregated high school.

Read More about 1957

Peaceful Protest

A group of black college students in North Carolina holds a non-violent sit-in resistance campaign in an effort to block segregation in public facilities.

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23 headmasters in the New England area met to discuss the relationship of poverty to the lack of quality education.  This group, under the leadership of Richard Plaut, Director of the National Scholarship and Service Fund for Negro Students (NSSFNS), Howard Jones, President of Northfield Mount Hermon School, and John Kemper, Headmaster of Phillips Academy, concluded that providing better lives for minorities was to increase graduation rates from their institutions.

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College Desegregation Begins

James Meredith is the first black student to attend the University of Mississippi, thus breaking down the door to racial segregation at the college level.

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Project ABC Founded

Under a grant awarded by the Charles E. Merrill Trust, the Independent Schools Talent Search (ISTS) was formed to recruit qualified students to attend a preparatory program for "talented Negro boys" wishing to attend college. Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire, became the site of a radical experiment known as Project ABC: A Better Chance.

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March on Washington

Martin Luther King, Jr., leads the historic March on Washington, D.C., for equal rights for all minorities.

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First Class

The inaugural class of 55 ninth and tenth grade students to enter private schools, each of which had agreed to accept them that fall. The eight-week tutorial summer session at Dartmouth College became a runaway success.

Read More about 1964

Visiting Hero

Jackie Robinson, baseball legend and pioneer for racial integration in sports, visits the young A Better Chance Scholars at Dartmouth College to wish them luck and offer encouragement.

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Civil Rights Act

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin and prohibits unequal application of voter registration requirements, racial segregation of schools, employment, and public accommodation.

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Voting Rights

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 suspends the use of literacy tests and voter disqualification devices and authorizes the use of federal examiners to supervise voter registration in some states.

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Public School Program

The Public School Program is created as a unique solution to address the needs of an ever-growing wait list of candidates.  The Dresden A Better Chance Public School Program opens in Hanover, New Hampshire; students live in a town residence while they attend Hanover High School.

Read More about 1966

Headquarters Moves

A Better Chance headquarters moves from Hanover, New Hampshire, to Boston, Massachusetts.

Read More about 1966

1st Black Congresswoman Elected

Shirley Chisholm becomes first Black woman elected to Congress, representing Brooklyn, New York.

Read More about 1968

New Leader

William D. Berkeley becomes A Better Chance's first president, serving from 1971 to 1974.

Read More about 1971

Joining Efforts

A Better Chance and the Public School Program formally merge to form A Better Chance, Inc.

Read More about 1971

1st Rhodes Scholar

A Better Chance Alumnus, Jesse Spikes, Dresden A Better Chance Public School Program '68, becomes the first A Better Chance Alumnus to be named a Rhodes Scholar.

Read More about 1972

President Boyd

Dr. William M. Boyd, II, becomes A Better Chance's second president, serving from 1974 to 1982

Read More about 1974

President Griffin

Judith Berry Griffin becomes A Better Chance's third president, serving from 1983 to 2003.

Read More about 1983

Awards Begin

The first A Better Chance Annual Awards Luncheon is held, presenting the first Corporate Award to John Akers, CEO of IBM. The event will raise over $22 million in support of the organization's programs over the next 30 years.

Read More about 1987

Alumna Grammy

A Better Chance Alumna, Tracy Chapman, wins three Grammy Awards for “Best New Artist”, “Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female” for the song Fast Car, and “Best Contemporary Folk Recording.”

Read More about 1988


A Better Chance begins significant programmatic expansion.  Over the next decade, initiatives such as the Affiliated Colleges Program, the Business/Professional Partnership Program, and the Pathways to College Program with its companion guidebook “Pathways to College: An Explorer's Guide” are created.

Read More about 1989

Star Power

A Better Chance supporter, Diana Ross, co-produces and stars in the Super Bowl XXX half-time show; her performance concludes with a nationally televised public-service announcement about A Better Chance.

Read More about 1996


Oprah Winfrey bestows a $10 million gift to establish an endowment for A Better Chance.

Read More about 2000

Top Charity

A Better Chance makes WORTH magazine's 100 Best Charities in America list.

Read More about 2002

Fourth President

Sandra E. Timmons joined A Better Chance as its fourth president on May 12, 2003. 

Read More about 2003

Alumnus Governor

Deval Patrick, Alumnus of A Better Chance, is elected Governor of Massachusetts, becoming the state’s first African American governor.

Read More about 2007

Building Dreams

The DreamBuilder Society launches inviting members to be part of an esteemed group of annual fund donors who recognize the need to build a pipeline of leaders of color.

Read More about 2008

1st Black US President

Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, becoming the first African American to become President.

Read More about 2009

50 Years

A Better Chance celebrates its 50th Anniversary and launches the There is No Stopping Us capital campaign.

Read More about 2013

Alumna Best-Selling Author

Author and A Better Chance Alumna, Roxane Gay, publishes The New York Times-bestselling essay collection titled “Bad Feminist”.

Read More about 2014

Capital Campaign Success

The There Is No Stopping Us capital campaign concludes, raising $16.2 million!

Read More about 2016

1963 Society

The 1963 Society launches to recognize donors who contribute $5,000 or more annually and who share an enduring commitment to helping talented youth. 

Read More about 2016

Pressman Society

The Ron and Mary Pressman Continuous Giving Society is named in honor of A Better Chance former Chairman, Ron Pressman and his wife Mary. The society recognizes individuals and organizations that have generously chosen A Better Chance as their top philanthropic priorities for three or more consecutive years.

Read More about 2017

Soaring Ahead

The Boeing Company awards $500,000 to A Better Chance for Alumni engagement initiatives.

Read More about 2017

New Record

A Better Chance places a record 571 students into its Member Schools nationwide.

Read More about 2018

4 Months

Applicants must establish their eligibility for the program through our rigorous application process and attend an information session as they work toward Candidacy. 

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14 Months

Candidates go through an intensive cycle of preparatory workshops on everything from essay-writing to mock interviewing. At the same time, A Better Chance works to connect each Candidate with their best fit Member Schools.  Candidacy ends upon a student's enrollment at one of these Member Schools.

Read More about Candidate

3-6 Years

A Scholar, once enrolled at a Member School, has access to incredible benefits.  These include summer abroad programs, support getting ready for college, and more.  Each Scholar is also part of an incredible network that celebrates together and supports each other.

Read More about Scholar

For Life

More than 16,000 trailblazing Alumni found a turning point in their lives through A Better Chance.  They are leaders across the United States, in every imaginable industry, and their influence has already been instrumental in shaping the world as we know it.  They are also part of a vital, supportive community.  

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Read More about Alumni
Bonnie Jenkins, A Better Chance Alumna '78

Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs in the Obama Administration, Lt. Commander in the US Naval Reserves, and Expert Peace Advocate whose work has touched most of the major conflicts of our times.


Read More about Bonnie Jenkins, A Better Chance Alumna '78

Current President

Francisco Tezén welcomed as the fifth President & CEO of  A Better Chance on February 3, 2020.

Read More about 2020
Parent Network

Regions have various parent networks that work together to support Scholars matriculating to new schools and help build resources for the broader Scholar community!

Summer Opportunities

A Better Chance links Scholars with programs that improve academic, leadership & career skills, and enable study abroad opportunities!


Throughout the year, A Better Chance organizes workshops that aim to develop crucial skills for tomorrow’s job marketplace and college admissions. There are also national roles for which Scholars are selected, scholarships and awards for which Scholars can apply, and more!

School Visits

During the school year, the Programs team from your region visits Member Schools to meet with Directors of Admissions and Scholars. This serves as a way to see how your year is going and to learn new ways to support your journey!


One of the first things you will experience is our New Scholar Orientation! This is an exciting event where new Scholars get to know each other and learn what to expect from their schools, as well as what is expected of them as Scholars.

$18.5 million

in Financial Aid leveraged for our new 2020 Scholars


of A Better Chance graduating high school seniors immediately enrolled in college


of Alumni have earned a Bachelor’s degree


of Alumni have earned a Master’s or other
professional degree


Current Scholars supported by
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Exemplary Member Schools

Meet Our Scholars and Alumni

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More than just one single event, I remember bonding with other A Better Chance scholars throughout my entire time in high school. It was a source of comfort to know that you were not alone. We all were there for a reason and had something to prove to ourselves and each other.

Justin Ifill
Owner of an Event Planning & Production Company, Yoga Teacher

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