Anita Roberson


Program Manager, Middle States Region

Anita began working with A Better Chance in July 2014 after having served as a founding director of two educational start-ups specifically designed to create pathways for academic success and college access for underserved students. Anita is a graduate of Cornell University’s Industrial & Labor Relations program and has experience in workforce development and corporate human resources.
Keen on engaging in “intellectual gymnastics” as often as possible, Anita can be found reading any book or article that is well written, listening to podcasts and discussing ways in which we can create a more just and equitable world. Fairness, equity and justice are characteristics that are at the cornerstone of Anita’s personality. Thus, Anita’s programmatic work at A Better Chance aligns well with her personal interests and passions. Anita writes, “At A Better Chance our work keeps the ‘American Dream’ alive; it allows talented students of color to access the type of transformative educational and future career opportunities, that are at the heart of every ‘rags to riches’ or ‘self-made millionaire’ success story. I love what we do because it matters. We are the hope and the dream.”

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