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Cohort Candidates

Who are our Cohorts?


14 Months

Candidates go through an intensive cycle of preparatory workshops on everything from essay-writing to mock interviewing. At the same time, A Better Chance works to connect each Candidate with their best fit Member Schools.  Candidacy ends upon a student's enrollment at one of these Member Schools.

The Candidate's Path
  1. Mock Interviews
  2. Essay Writing
  3. Standardized Testing
  4. Referral Decisions
  5. Referral Nights
  6. School visits/interviews
  7. Applying for Financial Aid
  8. School Admission Decisions

The Details

If your application is accepted, you become a Candidate of the program and the real work begins! From June to spring of the following year, you will attend workshops geared towards essay-writing, test prep, mock interviewing, financial aid awareness, and more. You will also submit supplemental application items and take the SSAT and/or ISEE exam(s).

A Better Chance then evaluates your overall profile (which includes your grade, gender, academics, standardized testing, extracurricular activities, talents, geography, etc.) to determine to which schools you will be referred. Your candidate profile must align with each particular school’s interests and requirements in order for your A Better Chance application to be sent to that school.

As you work to finalize your application, you will also begin interviewing with your schools to explore all of your options and find the right fit for you. Once you have completed these steps, A Better Chance can advocate for you through our relationship with our Member Schools, letting them know why you’re such a great candidate! Please note that schools still make the final decision about each candidate, so placement is not guaranteed.

In March, schools begin notifying candidates about decisions on acceptance and financial aid. Upon enrolling at a Member School through this process, the Candidate becomes a Scholar.