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Admissions FAQs

If you have questions, we hope you find answers here.

Why should I apply to A Better Chance?

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Does A Better Chance provide Scholarships?

No. We are not a scholarship organization, however, many of our Member Schools offer need-based financial aid based on specific guidelines and each family’s financial situation.

Do I have to attend an info session in order to apply?

No. Information sessions are not mandatory. They are an opportunity for you to learn about our program from an A Better Chance representative.

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Is there a cost for the application?

The A Better Chance application is free. However, there are costs associated with test registration, test prep, and financial aid applications. During the Candidate phase, we provide fee waivers for families who meet our income eligibility.  

How can I track my application?

The A Better Chance application is self-monitored. You will be able to view the status of your application through your online portal. Review our Online Application Guidelines and FAQs for instructions

When are application decisions made?

Complete applications receive a decision in mid-June.

When will A Better Chance contact me?

Our main method of communication is email. During the application process, A Better Chance will send communications about upcoming information sessions, the release of the application, and missing items. Be sure to use a personal email address that you check regularly when beginning the application process, check your junk/spam, and add admissions@abetterchance.org to your email contacts.

Why does A Better Chance require proof of income?

We use income as a criterion for eligibility in order to best serve those in need of our services. Additionally, we use your financial information to make determinations about eligibility for our Community Schools Program and fee waivers for testing and financial aid applications. If you have questions about income, please contact admissions@abetterchance.org.

Is there a cut-off score for the benchmark test?

No, there isn’t a specific cut-off score to determine who is eligible for A Better Chance. You are evaluated on all of parts of the application.

Is an interview required?

There is no interview required for this part of the application process. If you are accepted to the program, you will participate in mock interviews and conduct official interviews for your referred school(s).

If I am accepted, do I have to attend a summer program?

You will be expected to attend one week of summer programming and other scheduled workshops during the application process. These dates will be sent to you after you submit the online application.

When will I take the official SSAT/ISEE?

A Better Chance candidates take the SSAT and/or ISEE exam beginning in September. Information about which test to take and how to register are provided ahead of time.

Does A Better Chance provide test prep?

Test prep services are available through A Better Chance, but are not mandatory. You may access other test prep services independently.

What is a referral?

A referral is a school(s) that we believe is a good match for you based on your activities, interests, and strengths. We send your application only to these schools and advocate (highlight your strengths and potential) for your placement there.

When do I receive referrals?

This begins in the fall, after students complete supplemental requirements and take the SSAT/ISEE.

How do I learn about financial aid?

A Better Chance hosts a financial aid workshop during the candidate process with information on how to apply, when to apply, and how financial aid is determined by schools. However, we encourage you to do your own research as well.

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Still curious about something?  Please email us at admissions@abetterchance.org.