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Eligibility Requirements

A group of predominantly brown and black-skinned students pose before a projector in a classroom.
You are eligible to apply to A Better Chance if:
  • You identify as a person of color:
    Black/African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, or Multiracial (and you identify with one of the prior ethnicities mentioned)
  • You are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • You are in grade 4 – 9

The ideal candidate for A Better Chance:

  • Consistently performs at or above grade level in math and English
  • Has an overall academic average of a B+ or better
  • Ranks in the top ten percent of their class
  • Participates in extracurricular activities, both within and outside of the school community
  • Demonstrates leadership potential in school or through activities outside of school
  • Receives good teacher recommendations
  • Is of upstanding character
  • Cannot be the child of one of A Better Chance's Alumni
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A Better Chance reserves the right to use income as a criterion for eligibility to best serve those in need of our services. If you have questions about income, please contact admissions@abetterchance.org.