Anabelle K., A Better Chance Scholar at Harvard-Westlake

A kindergarten age girl of Asian ethnicity wears a look of fierce concentration as she works on a computer, with headphones.
Anabelle Kang in a black dress smiles beneath a palm tree

Electric Guitar Player, American Cancer Society Advocate, and Dedicated Student.


How She Became a Scholar and How it's Going For Her

Anabelle learned about A Better Chance in middle school, through a high school fair. 

Since then, she says, "A Better Chance has allowed me to get a better education than I would have at a public school, and academic success is important to me... My whole experience at Harvard-Westlake has been amazing so far, and I am really grateful for that."

The Difference A Better Chance has made in her life

"I am involved in so many school activities at my new school," says Anabelle. "At my [prior school], I wasn't in any clubs or extracurriculars except for National Junior Honor Society. Now, I am in the musical, I participate in clubs, and am encouraged on the daily to try new things."

What Anabelle does in addition to her studies

Anabelle gives back to her community by volunteering at American Cancer Society Discovery Shops in her spare time.  She is also part of a program at Harvard-Westlake that coordinated fundraisers for local and global charities.  

Anabelle's creative outlet: playing the electric guitar.  

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