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What We Provide

Benefits of Applying to Schools through A Better Chance

Decades of experience at work for you

Applying as an A Better Chance Candidate will give you benefits in the school admissions process because of the long standing relationships we have built with admissions offices at each school. We actively work to leverage these relationships to your benefit.

Less Paperwork and Fewer Fees

In most cases, you only have to complete the A Better Chance application to apply to a number of schools at once - and school fees are waived! Some schools will require supplemental information.

A Personalized School List

We forward your child’s A Better Chance application to schools that we believe will be a good match for them, based on their activities, interests, and strengths.

An advocate by your side

You have your Program Manager and the organization advocating for you the entire time (highlighting your student’s strong points and potential!)

Increased insight

As a candidate, you will have access to workshops that cover everything from interview prep to financial aid.

Continued support and leadership development

Scholars placed at Member Schools have continued student support and access to family programming, such as traveling, college tours, and more leadership opportunities, throughout their time at the school.

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Parent Network

Regions have various parent networks that work together to support Scholars matriculating to new schools and help build resources for the broader Scholar community!

Summer Opportunities

A Better Chance links Scholars with programs that improve academic, leadership & career skills, and enable study abroad opportunities!


Throughout the year, A Better Chance organizes workshops that aim to develop crucial skills for tomorrow’s job marketplace and college admissions. There are also national roles for which Scholars are selected, scholarships and awards for which Scholars can apply, and more!

School Visits

During the school year, the Programs team from your region visits Member Schools to meet with Directors of Admissions and Scholars. This serves as a way to see how your year is going and to learn new ways to support your journey!


One of the first things you will experience is our New Scholar Orientation! This is an exciting event where new Scholars get to know each other and learn what to expect from their schools, as well as what is expected of them as Scholars.

National Statistics

  • The organization was founded in 1963 and has been active ever since!
  • Over 16,000 Alumni (from all 50 states) have been placed in Partner Schools.
  • The program has roughly 2,000 Scholars enrolled at any given time in middle & high schools around the country.
  • Approximately 2,500 students apply each year.
  • Currently there are over 300 partner schools in 30+ states.
  • Over 96% of A Better Chance graduating seniors immediately enroll into a college or university.
  • A Better Chance currently has 5 regional offices including the Middle States, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.
  • Annually, our Member Schools award over $20,000,000 of financial aid to our matriculating Scholars