Anthony B. Branch, II - Class of 2020

Scholar Name: Anthony B. Branch, II
Hometown: Atlanta,GA
Member School: Marist School
College/University: Tennessee State University
Major: Food and Animal Sciences/Pre- Veterinary Medicine

How did A Better Chance prepare you for your Member School experience?
A Better Chance equipped me to advocate for myself. A Better Chance taught me how to identify and respond to microaggressions. A Better Chance reminded me of the importance of building and sustaining affirming communities.

What is the most important lesson you learned in high school?
The most important lessons I learned in high school are to stay grounded in my faith, play hard, and work even harder.

Why did you decide to attend your specific college/university?
I decided to attend TSU because it's relatively close to home, has my desired major, and I was offered a full-ride scholarship. I'm excited about attending an HBCU. This will be my VERY FIRST experience as an ethnic majority in a school setting.

How does it align with your future goals and passions?
Attending TSU and majoring in Food and Animal Sciences/ Pre- Veterinary Medicine will prepare me to pursue my goal of becoming a large animal veterinarian.

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