Asha Parker

Volunteer Name: Asha Parker
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
A Better Chance Member School: Cambridge School of Weston ‘11

When did you become involved with A Better Chance?
Upon graduating from my A Better Chance Member School, I was eager to find opportunities to give back. My first volunteer experiences were at Interview Days. Since then, I’ve spoken on an Alumni panel, participated in a focus group, and assisted with several video projects.

What attracted you to the mission of A Better Chance?
As an A Better Chance Alumni, I experienced firsthand the powerful impact of the organization. A Better Chance offered the support and encouragement that led to my acceptance to a member school that opened many doors. I am forever grateful to A Better Chance for being the stepping stone that jump-started my success, and I am now committed to supporting the organization in giving other children the same opportunity to succeed.

What achievement are you most proud of during your tenure?
I am most proud of the opportunity to have assisted with a video for the Giving Tuesday Now campaign that led to A Better Chance exceeding its 2020 fundraising goal.

What is the most important lesson you learned during your time as a volunteer?
I have learned that there is nothing more important or rewarding than returning the assistance and the support that you have received. I attribute my own success to A Better Chance, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute, in a small way, to nurturing the potential of future A Better Chance Scholars.

Why should others get involved and support A Better Chance?
There is no mission greater than preparing students for success and helping to create the future leaders of our generation. The impact that A Better Chance has had on the lives of countless youth of color is immeasurable and the success stories of A Better Chance Alumni speak for themselves.

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