Carolina Cordon - Class of 2020

Scholar Name: Carolina Cordon
Hometown: New York City
Member School: The Nightingale-Bamford School
College/University: Amherst College

How did A Better Chance prepare you for your Member School experience?

A Better Chance helped me prepare for my Member School by teaching me how to present myself professionally. At the mock-interview day, I was taught how to properly shake an adult’s hand and how to answer questions I might not be prepared for. I also received advice from older scholars about their experience at a Member School which taught me to expect certain changes.

What is the most important lesson you learned in high school?
In high school, I learned that life can get really stressful at times so you have to make sure to carve out time to do things you love with people you love. Finding time to destress is necessary for success.

Why did you decide to attend your specific college/university?
I choose to attend Amherst College in the fall because they have an open curriculum which will allow me to take challenging courses in varying fields without limit and because of their small, close-knit community.

How does it align with your future goals and passions?
Currently, I am undecided with what I will be majoring and I believe that Amherst is the perfect place to discover what path I will take. They have rigorous courses paired with academic freedom which will help me discover what I would like to do after college.

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