Jeremy Dumalig - Class of 2020

Scholar Name: Jeremy Dumalig
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Member School: The Nueva School
College/University: The University of Chicago
Major: Data Science and Statistics

How did A Better Chance prepare you for your Member School experience? 
A Better Chance played a pivotal role in developing my social networking and public speaking skills not only through its cohort workshops but also through Scholar events. My transition to high school entailed a significant amount of social and academic self-advocacy and independence, both of which I was able to practice due to A Better Chance.

What is the most important lesson you learned in high school?
When I started high school, I learned early on that there will always be someone better than me at everything, and that my own success shouldn’t be measured relative to my peers around me. It’s important to direct the right amount of focus on myself, and as long as I’m improving every day - even if it’s just 1% better - I’m on the right track.

Why did you decide to attend University of Chicago?
I decided to attend the University of Chicago because its students love to learn not for some arbitrary letter grade or percentage, but for the sake of learning itself. The emphasis on collaboration and lack of academic competition appealed to me, and as a self-motivated student myself I’m excited to be joining the University of Chicago community.

How does it align with your future goals and passions?
As an aspiring sports data analyst, the University of Chicago has established and growing programs within the fields of economics, statistics, computer science, and mathematics that will help me moving forward. Additionally, I plan to engage with the Metcalf Internship Program and take advantage of the city of Chicago as resources for gaining industry experience.

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