Victoria Koffi - Class of 2020

Scholar Name: Victoria Koffi
Hometown: Mountain House, CA
Member School: The Athenian School
College/University: Howard University
Major (if applicable): Biology

How did A Better Chance prepare you for your Member School experience? 
A Better Chance provided me with a network of like-minded scholars to act as a support network even while I was on my campus. Also, their workshops gave me valuable information and advice to further my success in high school and in the professional world.
What is the most important lesson you learned in high school? 
The most important lesson I learned in high school is that it never hurts to talk to people. No matter whether it be asking for help on a subject or reaching out to a new person. I have learned a lot not just in the classroom, but widened my world view as well as make me aware of the special opportunities that are out there.

Why did you decide to attend your specific college/university? 
I wanted to attend an HBCU because I felt that it was important I learn more about my history along with being surrounded by people that looked like me in regards to students and faculty. This is an important step in my journey as a young person so I can be armed with the knowledge and support to make my voice heard as my future career lies in a world that is predominantly white.
How does it align with your future goals and passions?   
I am a part of the Karsh STEM Scholars Program at Howard. It is a special program that is a full-ride scholarship and focuses on the development and provides support to underrepresented minorities majoring in STEM who want to obtain an MD/Ph.D. or a Ph.D. by selecting the best minds around the country. Not only does this program surround me with a network of scholars that are like family, they continually challenge us through equipping us with valuable skills and resources, so that we will be excellent at Howard and be a leading contributor in our respective fields.

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