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Connect with Us

Thank you for coming here to connect! 

Whether it’s been years or only a few months – we want to hear from you! Share with us your latest contact information and what you have been up to since graduating your Member School. Through the form below you can also outline if you would like to be a regional volunteer, share personal news, post a job opportunity and much more.

To support A Better Chance’s critical fundraising needs, please click here to donate.  

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Believe it or not, 4,493 A Better Chance Alumni are lost - that is, we don't know where you are.  When you connect, you can stay informed and learn about opportunities to help and be helped.  This means a lot to your fellow Alumni and future generations of Scholars.  Anything you can do to put us back in touch with you (and any A Better Chance friends you're in touch with) is an amazing gift to A Better Chance.