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Several people stand talking before a resource table
Two adults at a podium in front of a blue curtain smile and make triumphant gestures.
A student and an adult pose smiling in front of A Better Chance Northwest logos
Several adults smile, posing in front of an A Better Chance step and repeat.

Calendar of Events

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Sep 1
Mon, Sep 2
Tue, Sep 3
Wed, Sep 4
Admissions 101
Admissions 102
Thu, Sep 5
Fri, Sep 6
Sat, Sep 7
Sun, Sep 8
PAP General Meeting
Atlanta, GA
Mon, Sep 9
Tue, Sep 10
Wed, Sep 11
Thu, Sep 12
Fri, Sep 13
Sat, Sep 14
Interview Day
Atlanta, GA
PAP Check in
San Francisco, CA
Sun, Sep 15
Mon, Sep 16
Tue, Sep 17
Wed, Sep 18
Thu, Sep 19
Fri, Sep 20
Sat, Sep 21
SSAT & Cohort Check In
San Francisco, CA
Sun, Sep 22
Mon, Sep 23
Tue, Sep 24
Wed, Sep 25
Thu, Sep 26
Fri, Sep 27
Sat, Sep 28
SSAT Testing
Washington, DC
Sun, Sep 29
SSAT Testing
Philadelphia PA
SSAT Testing
Atlanta, GA
Mon, Sep 30
Tue, Oct 1
Wed, Oct 2
Regional Q&A
Rising Stars Awards Atlanta
The Gathering Spot
Thu, Oct 3
Fri, Oct 4
Sat, Oct 5
Member School Fair
New York, NY

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