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We are proud of our role in facilitating your child’s college preparatory school experience and we are committed to a lifetime relationship with them as a Scholar for Life. 
Your child is part of a special “family” with a long tradition and thousands of members. Membership in any family brings with it both opportunities and responsibilities.

As a part of our family, we expect your child to uphold A Better Chance’s rich tradition of excellence and accomplishment. We expect them to work to fulfill the vast potential we all see in them by giving 100% in every endeavor. And we expect your child to use what they learn and achieve to give back to others – by sharing their time and talents. We hope you will join us in encouraging your child to live by the following motto: Reach for excellence!

To facilitate your participation in the A Better Chance family, we encourage you to join your regional Parents-as-Partners (PAP) group.  Parents-as-Partners are local groups of families of Scholars and Alumni of A Better Chance who come together as a support network with the understanding that educating young people is a family affair. Through planned meetings and activities, members of Parents-as-Partners assist the local office in making the A Better Chance experience successful for Scholars and their families and in expanding program opportunities.

Parents-as-Partners is a way for parents to both stay involved with the organization and provide additional support for our Scholars while they are away at school. After graduation, parents may continue to be involved with the local P-A-P, working in conjunction with the parents of the currently enrolled Scholars and continuing to lend their wealth of experience to the local group.

Scholars Become Alumni Leaders