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Give 8/28

Set for August 28th, Give 8/28 is a growing national giving day to support Black-led and Black-benefiting nonprofit organizations. Established in 2018 by The Young, Black & Giving Back Institute, Give 8/28 has raised nearly $50,000 for organizations through its two prior iterations. This year in light of the renewed spotlight on black communities in our nation, they've set an ambitious goal of $250,000 to support organizations aiding people of color. A Better Chance asks you to join us as we set a goal of $10,000–revenue necessary for the retention of our Scholars and critical adjustments to our programming.

Over 5 Decades of Results

Jesse J. Spikes
Dresden A Better Chance, 1968

Jesse J. Spikes joined A Better Chance in 1966 as part of the organization's third class of Scholars. As one in a family of 11 children growing up in Georgia, Jesse made the life-changing decision to attend school in Hanover, New Hampshire. His success in high school earned him a place at Dartmouth College, and then on as A Better Chance's first Rhodes Scholar recipient in 1972.  

Jesse's path continued at Harvard Law School, where he graduated and returned to Georgia to build a prestigious career with the highly regarded firm, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP. He currently serves there as a Senior Partner.

Leon "Ellis" Clark
St. Paul's School, 2019

Ellis Clark, a Detroit native, joined A Better Chance in 2015 and gained admission to the highly-selective St. Paul's School in Concord, NH. With goals and aspirations of public service, Ellis saw A Better Chance as an opportunity to set him on the path of success. Through St. Paul's School, he became involved with the school's Young Democrats​, where he was able to interact with statesmen such as Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the Obamas. 

Ellis's journey is far from over. Ellis continues to work towards his aspiration for public office, both as an undergraduate at Brown University and through public service in his hometown of Detroit. Most recently, he served as Delegate of the 14th Congressional District at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Make Your Donation

Life-changing opportunities like Jesse's and Ellis's are possible through the investment of time, talent and resources from A Better Chance. For 57 years, talented students have graduated our program to become a force of change in our community through their success and service. 

As made clear by ongoing events affecting people of color in our nation, the achievement and equality gaps still exist. Through the work of A Better Chance and others, we can lessen its impact and made an exponential change in the lives of thousands. Help us ensure the continuation of our necessary work through donating below on Give 8/28.

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